Will Handley “Continuity forum”

Based on Handley’s recent work archiving progressive ecological news Continuity forum presents a curation of these findings alongside sculpture and research. Found digital media in the form of articles, images and video become physical objects, re-purposed and re-presented in new formats.Will Handley is a visual artist from New Zealand living and working in Porto, Portugal. Handley’s work considers perspectives of autonomy, identity and ecology in hybrid forms across video, photography, sculpture and installation. Selected exhibitions include ‘Omega’ at Artes, Porto, 2019, ‘LWL1901’ at RDC516, Porto, 2019, ‘Sponsored Content’ at Century, London, 2016. Handley’s work has been shown in numerous group exhibitions including, amongst others, ‘TQMS’ at Two Queens, Leicester, 2019, ‘VIA ABERTA’ at Mota Galiza, Porto, 2019 and 2018, ‘Tape Modern No.13’ curated by Amir Fattal at Tape Modern, Berlin, in 2010, ‘Bridge Art Fair’ curated by Young Sun Han at OTA Berlin in 2008.